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Pavement Preservation

Our pavement preservation methods and tactics are strategies that are derived from extensive research, trial & error, & success projects. 

In this industry, there is no handbook to follow....

We are experts in our field and have years of research, knowledge, and experience to successfully build, create, and execute successful "show case" projects all around the state of California. 
Fiber Seal
A revolutionary one or two layer system to greatly improve the flexural durability of the pavement. Our two layer systems greatly mimic conventional HMA overlays for pennies on the dollar. 
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Micro Surfacing
A durable wearing course designed to extend the life of your roadways.
A cold applied polymer modified asphalt overlay treatment infused with portland cement, mineral filler, ground tire rubber, and fast setting chemicals to give you that "fresh" and durable asphalt overlay "look."

PMRE Emulsions


Lets rejuvinate your asphalt

Over time asphalt begins to lose its natural oils due to ozidation and the harsh elements, This results in asphalt becoming very brittle, dry, and weak leaving cracking almost inevitable. PMRE (polymer modified rejuvinating emulsions) restore the naturally occuring oils in the pavement to keep the surface sealed and protected. This is the most inexpensive pavement presevation method and should be done to each roadway every 3-5 years.

Chip Seal

A surface treatment that combines one or more layers of asphalt with one or more layers of fine aggregate to create a new driving surface to act as a wearing course. 



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“ We love it because it is eco- friendly.  We put it in front of our paving box and spray our equipment, box, and tools with it.  It does not have the nasty smell that diesel has. We found that when we used diesel in the past, the over spray from being in front of the paving box would get on our asphalt load and eat the fines, thereby attacking the asphalt.  Natural Soy does not attack our asphalt.  When we use it as a degreaser we spray it on our tools and the dried asphalt slides off when we scrape it off. My guys will not use anything else.”
-Cal Trans Santa Barbara 


    With the use of lignin sulfonate, calcium chloride, or magnesium chloride we are able to apply effective dust suppressants for non-paved roads. Our customers include wind farms, vineyards, farms, solar, construction, and many others alike.
    Ask us about pickup or delivery of HMA with your spec or specified grade or binder
    We are able to offer the highest quality recycled & or virgin road base as per your request. Our cold mix resources are also among some of the best in the state with the highest performing and longest lasting mix.

Customer Comments

Environmental Concepts has created a reputation for personalized customer service that distinguishes us in our industry. Our core company value is “People First,” then business. We‘re here to create winning solutions for our customers. We take pride in our long relationships with our customers. 

What our customers appreciate most about us is the knowledge and value we deliver by providing expert customer service, excellent products and resources along with effective problem solving that enhance their projects. We make the quality difference through our fresh and energetic can-do attitude.

"Thank you Brennen,  you're a great resource and I really like the fiber seal in the Visalia area, holding up nicely and looks great. Good job."

-Kip Michelson Cal Trans District 6 Regional Manager

“Nancy you are worth your weight in gold. We enjoy working with you.”

-Cal Trans Superintendent

“My boss and I were discussing this morning how well you keep up with your customers and how knowledgeable you are with the products you provide.”

Superintendent - City of Fresno