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Advanced Technical Grade Industrial Specialty Products

Our specialty products offer effective solutions for many industrial maintenance challenges, enhancing the life, safety, and quality of machinery and equipment.

We offer a comprehensive line of products for industrial, commercial and institutional applications such as road salts, degreasers, caulks, solvents, premium paints, lubricants, erosion control products

With our partners, we deliver the best in quality and performance. Our Industrial Specialty Brands include Misty, Claire, Krylon, Sprayon, Triflow, Terrand and Environmental Concepts’ Specialty Line.



  • Asphalt, Concrete and Metal Degreasers and Cleaners
  • Petroleum Base and Food Grade    Lubricants
  • Petroleum and Water Base Solvents
  • Granular and Liquid Insecticides
  • Chemical Resistant and Water Base Paints
  • Septic and Sewer System Drain Care Products
  • Bio-based Asphalt Release Agent
  • Vehicle cleaners
  • Bird detterent systems

Natural Bulk Commodities

  • Rip Rap for Erosion Control
  • Econo-Mulch for Erosion Control
  • Cinder Sand for Anti-Skid and Tracking Control


Envirotech []
Ice Slicer for deicing roadways
Ice-Slicer behaves like sand, but has the added benefit of melting ice without the additional step of clean up.
Ice-Slicer is not sand, but is made up of a unique blend of natural chlorides and 5-10% grit. Due to its uniform composition of chloride and grit, every particle in it works synergistically to melt ice and snow using less material per lane mile and at lower temperature. 90-95% of Ice-Slicer melts away leaving only a small amount of residual on the road, yielding very little to no cleanup versus straight sand or sand/salt mixtures. It is a mined product which is denser than solar salt – giving you more melting power and a particle that will not blow off the road as easily – yet is softer than sand and will not break or chip windshields.

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Utilizing bio-based materials to bring innovation to conventional manufacturing methods and green alternatives
5th Wheel Long Life Grease
Adhesive Remover
By combining methyl ester soy and other natural ingredients, we have created the perfect adhesive remover. Simply apply a liberal coat to the adhesive coated surface, then begin removing the old adhesive. Heavy adhesive applications may require longer application times.
Asphalt Release
Highly Effective Formulation. PolySoy Asphalt Release comes in many forms. Ready to use right from the container, concentrated for low cost on site mixing or super concentrate for large volume, low cost use. In any form this product is an effective way of keeping asphalt from adhering to most surfaces and causing damage to equipment.   
Asphalt Remover
PolySoy Asphalt Remover can be used to remove asphalt from most surfaces or it can be used to keep asphalt from adhering to surfaces and causing damage to equipment.  
Basin, Tub & Tile Cleaner
Rapidly cleans and removes soap scum, lime, scale and body oil deposits from shower walls & doors, sinks, ceramic tile, fiberglass, vinyl, porcelain and stainless steel. Deodorizes as it cleans. Acid free. May be sprayed without generating noxious fumes. Outperforms most traditional cleaners, other naturally derived cleaners and homemade products.   
BBQ Cleaner
PolySoy BBQ Grill Cleaner has been formulated to effectively remove char, grease and burnt BBQ residue that has formed and built up on grills and smokers. This product has been proven many times, to out perform most other toxic type cleaners. 
BioLife 180 High Temperature Multipurpose Lithium Grease
Body Wash
Natural & effective PolySoy Body Wash is a naturally derived body wash made primarily from replenishable natural resources. Cleansers are made in a base of soothing, natural Aloe Vera, which will help to prevent dry skin.    
Car Wash Soap
Natural & effective PolySoy Car Wash Soap is a naturally derived high sudsing detergent made primarily from replenishable natural resources.    
Carpet Extraction
Carpet Shampoo
Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Squirt PolySoy Toilet Bowl Cleaner around the inside of the toilet rim allowing product to thoroughly coat sides. Allow to stand for ten minutes, swab and flush. Nothing faster and safer on the market.      
Colorized Dye
Concrete Cleaner
PolySoy Concrete Cleaner cleans most concrete, brick, stone, or tile within minutes of application. Years of dirt and grime are easily removed with a brush and hose. Concrete Release
PolySoy Concrete Release can be applied to processing equipment, trucks and all types of concrete forming products, to keep concrete from sticking to these surfaces. Concrete Sealer
PolySoy Concrete Sealer has been created to be easy to apply and effective in stopping moisture, dirt and most liquids from penetrating and damaging concrete and masonry surfaces. Concrete Sealer PLUS
Drain & Septic Treatment
Dust Suppressant
Enzyme Stain Remover
Floor Buffing Spray
Floor Finish 18% Solids
Floor Finish 24% Solids
Floor Stripper
Furniture Polish & Protector
Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner
PolySoy Glass Cleaner Concentrate has been specifically formulated to provide a highly effective glass and multi-surface cleaner using natural materials. Free of residue forming detergents, PolySoy Glass Cleaner is easy to use and will leave a streak free surface.    
Graffiti Remover
Simply apply a liberal coat to the graffiti ti or tagged area, then remove with a rag and water rinse. Heavily tagged areas may require longer exposure to the Graffiti Remover to break down the paint or marker. 
Hair & Body Wash
Non-irritating, very gentle cleansing body wash for all skin types. Eliminates the need for multiple dispensers    
Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
Non-irritating, very gentle cleansing shampoo for all hair types. Conditions as it cleans for tangle free hair. Aids in repairing damaged hair, itchy scalp, split ends and dry skin.  
Hand Cleaner & Moisturizer
Non-irritating, very gentle cleansing for all skin types. Can be used with or without water. Perfect for high grime working applications. After first use provides a protective barrier to make future cleanings easier.  
Hand Dishwashing Detergent
Hand Soap
By using natural ingredients, we have created an economical hand soap that provides great cleansing properties. This is the perfect product for health clubs, fitness centers, or any other commercial facility with soap dispensers. PolySoy Hand Soap will help to meet any green initiative or LEED based program.   
 HD Orange Pro Cleaner
PolySoy Heavy Duty Orange Pro Cleaner has been designed and created to take advantage of the natural cleaning properties of citrus oils. Fast and effective cleaning product with a wonderful smell. 
Heavy Duty Degreaser
PolySoy Heavy Duty Degreaser has been designed and created to begin working in as little as 60 seconds from application to the surface. Once this product begins working, it will quickly remove vast majority of greases and almost all dirt and grime.  
Heavy Duty Lime & Scale Remover
PolySoy Heavy Duty Lime & Scale Remover cleans and de-scales coffee & tea pots, ice makers, sinks, porcelain fixtures, ceramic tile floors and fiberglass shower stalls. 
Interior & Exterior Protector
Kitchen Degreaser
Laundry Detergent
MaxLife 220 High Temperature Multipurpose Grease
MaxLife 600 High Temperature Multipurpose Grease
Mold & Mildew Remover
Oven Cleaner
Paint Stripper
Simply apply a liberal coat to surface area to be stripped. Let the product sit for a few minutes, allowing it penetrate the paint, then remove with a putty knife or scrub pad. Heavy paint or multiple layers may require longer exposure to the PolySoy Paint Stripper. 
Penetrating Oil
Designed and created to provide the ultimate in lubrication for a variety of applications, including, chains, gears, bearings and many mechanical moving components. When applied it can prevent rust and corrosion 
Pet Enzyme Stain Treatment
Pet Laundry Detergent
Pet Shampoo
Pet Super Citrus Cleaner
Pot & Pan Detergent
Solvent Cleaner
Extremely fast acting formulation. PolySoy Heavy Duty Spot Remover is formulated to almost instantly remove grease, tar, oil lipstick, make-up, crayon, vaseline, etc, from just about any surface.   
Stinky Pee Eater
Vanquish Sanitizer & Disinfectant
White Board Cleaner
PolySoy White Board Cleaner was designed to effectively remove all types of dry erase marker from all types of white boards, while reconditioning the surface of the board, for future dry erase marking. 
Wood Sealer CLEAR
PolySoy Wood Sealer has been created to be easy to apply and effective in stopping moisture, dirt and most liquids from penetrating and damaging natural wood surfaces.  
Wood Sealer TINTED