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Q: Will the sealant heat up faster if the thermostat is turned to its maximum setting?

A: No, in fact it could be dangerous. It takes the same amount of time for the sealant to reach recommended pour temperature, no matter how high the setting. If the setting is maximized, you risk exceeding the safe heating temperature, which may result in fire and compromised performance. Refer to Sealant Product Data Sheet for specific information and guidelines.
Q:Why is the crack sealant coming out of the crack after it has cooled?

A: Most likely the crack was either wet or dirty. Sealant will not stick to either. To prevent this, blow out the cracks with pressurized air.
Q: Why should I rout my cracks before I seal/fill them?

A: By routing the cracks you remove the oxidized
fractured pavement from the crack surface and expose intact vertical walls for the sealant to bond to. The increased area of sealant in the crack also accommodates for more movement. This will extend the sealant's service life by up to 50% over non-routed cracks.

Q: Why is my crack sealant tracking or pulling out of the crack? 
A: In most cases the wrong sealant for your application was used, or it has not cooled properly. If the sealant is too tacky for the specific application but is a Crafco recommended product for the area, a simple application of Crafco Detack is the solution. If the sealant is pulling out of the crack after it has cooled, the crack is most likely wet or dirty.


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Whether it is repairing utility cuts or patching that reoccurring pothole, HP high performance cold patch is rapidly becoming the material of choice. HP is approved as a high performance patching material in most states and other user agencies within the United States. HP is specifically formulated for the wide-ranging temperature and climate of your area. HP is permanent, fully guaranteed against any failure, and most important, does the job right the first time.
                                        • Works in all weather conditions; wet, cold or hot
                                        • Approved, used and tested by utilities and states nationwide
                                        • Easy to use bags prevent waste and saves money
                                        • No mixing, mechanical compaction or tacking
                                        • Cost effective with no messy clean-up or time constraints
                                        • Permanently adheres to asphalt, concrete or steel
                                        • Perfect for bridge, drain, utility cuts and cutter work
                                        • Patch will not release, eliminates milling before re-paving
                                        • Use at any temperature, or in any weather condition 
                                        • Open to traffic immediately - no raveling or rutting
                                        • No heating, mixing or tacking required
                                        • Permanent, no milling or patch release - ever
                                        • Remains pliable from at below freezing temperatures
                                        • Adheres to concrete, steel and asphalt in wet and bitter cold, 
                                           snow or summer heat


Crafco HP Concrete Cold Patch is a unique, gray color, cold applied, single component patching material. Use HP to repair potholes, spalls, cracks and other confined voids and distresses over 1 inch wide and greater than ½ inch deep in Portland Cement concrete. It can also be used to repair roads, highways, streets, airport pavements, parking lots, bridge and parking decks, sidewalks, walkways and floors. Unlike most other concrete patching materials, no mixing, heating or special installation equipment is required.
                                        • Works in all weather conditions; wet, cold or hot
                                        • Approved, used and tested by utilities and states nationwide
                                        • Easy to use bags prevent waste and saves money
                                        • No mixing, mechanical compaction or tacking
                                        • Cost effective with no messy clean-up or time constraints
                                        • Permanently adheres to concrete
                                        • Perfect for all concrete roads, airports, bridges, parking decks, sidewalks
                                        • Patch will not release
                                        • Use at any temperature between 30° and 100° F
                                        • Open to traffic immediately after compacting
                                        • No heating, mixing or tacking required


Crafco PLEXI-melt packaging is an exciting new development for boxless, consumable packaging of hot-applied pavement crack and joint sealing products. The package consists of the extremely strong and durable yet quick melting PLEXI-melt wrap, which contains and protects the sealant material. The PLEXI-melt package is the lightest weight, most sustainable sealant package available, weighing only 3 ounces, which is less than 1% of product weight. 

PLEXI-melt package, products are much easier to handle and melt much faster than with conventional sealant block configurations. The PLEXI-melt packages and pallets of product are both weather and water resistant. 

Package weight 25 lbs ea.
80 packages per pallet
Pallet weight 2000 lbs ne


Open freshly crack- sealed pavements to vehicle and pedestrian traffic immediately and eliminate sealant pick-up and tracking with DETACK. DETACK is an economical, biodegradable liquid from Crafco that eliminates sealant tack when sprayed onto freshly applied hot pour sealant. Now you don't have to wait until the sealant has cooled before opening the pavement to traffic. DETACK application is a one-man operation that saves money, time, and increases efficiency. DETACK is the smart choice over messy sand, aggregate, or toilet paper applications and reduces set up and tear down time for lane closures. If you're stuck for an economical, time saving, detackifying solution for hot pour sealant then DETACK from Crafco is your answer. 








The Crafco Super Shot series melter/applicators represent the most technologically advanced melter/applicators available. These state-of-the-art machines offer the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use. The digital control features of this equipment accurately control and regulate the heating temperature of the sealant and transfer oil. The patented internal pumping system requires no clean out and features a hydraulic flow rate adjustment. The internal pump only operates when the operator activates the micro-switch on the applicator wand. With “On Demand” pumping there are no valves, fewer moving parts and no hose pressure build up. Super Shot melters will out-perform any comparable sized machine available. Crafco offers a one-year warranty, more options and greater safety, making these machines the greatest value with the highest productivity of any melter. 

Engineered Efficiency. Crafco’s Super Shot engineered pump is mounted inside the melter, eliminating material recirculation, outside plumbing and high-pressure lines, which decreases pump wear. By eliminating the need for recirculation the pump runs only when material application is needed, making this an “on-demand” system which increases pump life and operator safety. Additionally, an internally mounted pump requires no packing, eliminating maintenance. Less maintenance in the shop means more production on the job, more profit and less costs. 

Engineered Options and Features Standard Engineered Features make the operation of these melters the safest and the easiest machines to operate. Many of the other features reduce labor and operating costs. The most impressive are the Super Shot Melter Engineered Options. Design the machine you want with these options. Add an optional industrial air compressor and save the cost of running an additional engine and tow vehicle. With over 20 available options you will save time, money and manpower.


 Mastic One is a hot applied, pourable, aggregate fi lled, black color, polymer modified asphalt pavement repair mastic. Mastic One is used for sealing, filling and repairing many distresses in both asphalt concrete and portland cement concrete pavements and bridge deck surfaces that are larger than those typically repaired by crack or joint sealing, but smaller than repairs requiring remove and replace patching procedures. Typical uses include sealing, filling and leveling of wide transverse or longitudinal cracks and joints, fi lling potholes and utility cuts, localized skin patch repairs, repairs prior to surface treatments, and leveling bridge approaches or faulted areas. When properly applied, Mastic One forms a well bonded, fl exible, durable, traffic resistant repair. To use, Mastic One is placed into an appropriate melter (Crafco Patcher I or II), mixed and heated until application temperature is reached, poured into the prepared repair area and then leveled. Mastic One is formulated to provide neat feathered edge installation. Mastic One is then ready for traffic when it has cooled and solidified.


Routing and sealing pavement cracks with a Standard Recessed Band-Aid (or over-band) can increase sealant life by over two-times that of non-routed and sealed cracks.  There are four different pavement router models, many options and different cutters to meet your demands and exceed your expectations.  The Crafco Pavement Router has been the industry best for thirty years
Designed for the contractor, the Crafco Super SEALCOATER’s standard features are considered options on all other competitive seal coat machines. Quality parts and superior construction make the Super SEALCOATER the machine of choice for everyday rigorous use. Features such as the unbreakable steel tank to the oversize hydraulic system set this unit apart from all the others. Built with Crafco quality and engineered to last, choose the Super SEALCOATER for your next seal coat machine
The Heat Lance is used to dry and prepare pavement cracks, potholes and distressed pavement surfaces for repair.  Featuring separate valves which control the mixture of fuel and compressed air at the point of combustion